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A belated happy new year-it’s been a really long time

Proseco, pineapple juice, splash of Campari

Proseco, pineapple juice, splash of Campari

After having a houseful of people for ten days, it’s taken me a while to get back to normal, whatever that is. Plus, before that I was sorting and cleaning. And I don’t whatever came over me, but I bought a jigsaw puzzle. Working these things is not one of my better skill-sets, so I think I’m going to pack it up and put it in the closet. Enough already!

Movie poster puzzle

Movie poster puzzle


Teeny lantern

Besides making the “art” books from the last post, we all made itty bitty lanterns, using handmade paper and battery-operated tea lights. I didn’t even know there was such a thing! Each lantern is different and pretty. I got the directions from Helen Hiebert and her 25 Days of Paper 2015. Her whole website is worth a look, beautiful papers from all kinds of places.


Yarn samples from Pro Chemical

Now, I’m beginning to worry a bit about getting back into the studio. Maybe it’s because it’s time to warp that darn loom again. No matter, it’s got to happen soon. I have a commission to do, which requires a warped loom and some dyed yarns. The commission project is going to be lots of different shades of green, so I’ve been going through all my dyed samples and skeins on hand, trying to figure out what combination might work best. That’s when I decided to buy yarn samples that show all the possible colors available in both PRO Washfast and Sabraset dyes, while also buying a couple of green dyes to try out. And I actually labeled them the kind of dyes shown and the year. Maybe they’ll still make sense to me a couple of years from now.

Next up–the frustrating saga of trying to get a cartoon enlarged.

What’s on the loom? What are you stitching? What are you doing?