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A search for the perfect setup

IkatBoard-sizing I’ve been trying to come up with a new way to set up my ikat boards. This latest project really made me tired of sitting, so some way to stand and wrap might be good. I started looking at drafting tables/desks. When I tried out one at World Market, I remembered that when I first set this ikat station, I had tried to think of a way to slant the board. Right now, I have two Elfa drawer units from the Container Store. A piece of plywood is on top. Since the boards are held down by c-clamps, damage to the underlying surface is likely–hence the plywood. You can see from the picture that all kinds of manipulation are necessary to get the needed space between the boards. Many pieces of various sizes of lumber are on the right side as spacers–no lumber gets thrown away! Oh, and my feet can be seen at the bottom of the picture, a very important detail, vital to good ikat wrapping!