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Ball winders

Progress was made on the current piece, but then a small disaster struck. My knee, which had been getting better, decided it didn’t want to do that. The earliest I could get an appointment with an orthopedist was next week. Back to the chair and ice packs. Weaving stopped, which brings me to ball winders.

I have had the same plastic ball winder since I first started to weave. It works, but my current weaving involves skeins that are about 1/2 pound each and hand-dyed. No matter what I do, they are more tangled than “store bought” skeins. That plastic ball winder works really hard and the plastic gears click and grind. I’ve been trying to decide on a new ball winder, and indecision means that no new ball winder comes to my door. I tried out the Strauch from Mohair and More during Fiber Fest. I like how sturdy it is, especially compared to the plastic ones, but wasn’t crazy about the orientation of the handle. So I did nothing with my decision-making. But now, because I am winding bunches of big skeins, the issue raised its ugly head again. Research again. Looked at comments on Ravelry and Weavolution. Fricke was mentioned (I had forgotten about them). And I took the plunge, jumped in with both feet. Nancy’s Knit Knacks to the rescue, or at least I hope so. It’s on its way! There is the option to put a motor on this gal, but with my tangled yarns? We’ll see.

Let’s weigh in on our favorite tools. Ball winders? Skein winders? Swifts?

DFW Fiber Fest 2014

What's on the loom

What’s on the loom

It was about this time last year, the time of DFW Fiber Fest, when I bought a new spinning wheel. I only wish I had known how stressful it would have been to put together. I had everything together but one pin that was supposed to go through the spinning-wheel-parts2 hub of the wheel and a hole in the crank (or whatever that’s called). I could not get it to go in. I finally had to put it aside because of all the other stuff going on. And it stayed aside for a year. Until Saturday. I took the wheel and the very kind husband of the couple who own the shop, fixed it. And there was a special trick to it. So there! Country-spinner

I also took some fleeces to Gail of Ozark Carding Mill, so that she can turn it into roving. There’s something sad about this, though. After my fleeces (2 churro and 2 mohair) are prepared, the mill equipment will be dismantled. Although this mill has Ozark in it’s name, it is located in Oklahoma, not too far from the Texas border. I wish there was a mill in Texas. Gail was there as Gail’s Fiber Delights, and she does have some really beautiful fibers.

Now for part three of this Fiber Fest saga. I met a really nice couple who are the owners of Mohair and More. Mohair-and-more I was excited to see their booth because they had ball winders that I’ve been wanting to try out. These ball-winder guys are expensive, and I certainly did not want to spend a bucket of money for one without trying it out. They forgot their business cards, so I took a pic of a label on a swift. This particular swift is metal with pegs that slide for different sizes of skeins. If I didn’t like my squirrel cage so much, I’d be tempted. Fiber-Fest