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Surprise! More organized than I realized

Notebook-2jpg notebook-3

Whilst not sleeping the other night, I got out of bed to look for a cartoon of a previously woven piece. To my surprise, I found my notebook of finished pieces, and even more surprising, I found many notes with yarn samples, diagrams, dye formulas, what worked, what didn’t. I have a memory of starting this notebook, but not of getting it so up-to-date. It is by no means a complete record. Many pieces are missing, and there are no dates.

Left Bottom Fish-enlargement-cartoon

Gardening plans have been scuttled because of rain, and even though a brand new 60-inch warp is tied on, there is no weaving because yarns haven’t been dyed. What to do? Work on taxes? Postcards? I’m making a new cartoon for the next weaving. It’s not a very large cartoon, so I enlarged the design in Photoshop, then selected sections and printed. I ended up with five printouts that will be taped together.