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Silly me

Ikat-yarn-balls In the misguided hope that I might be more creative and look for inspiration all around me, I signed up for the 365 Project. You know, where you submit one picture per day for a year? I’m already three days behind. In my defense, it is very hot, and who wants to go exploring for inspiration in the heat? I’ve submitted exactly one picture, and it wasn’t taken on the day I submitted it. Maybe today will be the day.

The picture on above is in “inside” picture of the ikat yarns balled up. I hope I’ve done them in the correct direction for a center pull ball with the starting point in the center. One of the balls I did last night has a huge loop of yarn that doesn’t seem to belong anywhere, so obviously I went walk-about in the measuring process. Guess it will be straightened out in the weaving.