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Mostly pictures


Viewers in gallery


Stormies’s bottles

First the pop-up gallery–on the left is a shot of the viewers, a surprisingly nice crowd for a gloomy, cold afternoon. And this space cleaned up well, only needs better lighting. The rabbit in this shot is Stormie Parker’s, as are the bottles below.


another section

Here’s another shot of the space. It cleaned up really well–the space I mean.


stolen garden sign

Now for some good stuff. This neighborhood is being “re-gentrified” and they have built community garden beds.Notice the cute entrance of branches painted blue. You might also notice the sign. The gardens are called Riverside Stolen Garden because the first beds were stolen. They’ve been redone, obviously. The fence to the right of the gate is made with wooden pallets.



These birdhouses adorn the fence. They are all constructed alike, but the painting is different, as are the garden beds themselves.


Garden beds


wall art trailer

And there is the portable pop-up. I want one of those!