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Gallery walk-Dallas


Wall Gallery really had a fast turnaround time for getting the new frames done. First, the area where my work hangs. This is such a fuzzy picture, or maybe it’s my tired eyes. The pieces look good among this group of artists, I think. To the left of the door is Door (ha ha). It’s sandwiched between two sheets of acrylic. Sandwich-close-up-2


I’m sure everyone knows how difficult it is to take pictures of reflective material, so I’m going to ignore that. You can see how there are white “nails” holding the sandwich together. This method is the less expensive method of framing with acrylic. Box-close-up

To the right of the door is Path to the Sun, which is mounted on linen and framed inside an acrylic box. You can barely see the linen, but it’s a natural color. No one was asked to make a decision on that, but next time, the gallery and I both think that white would be better, similar to most gallery walls. We all prefer this method of framing, and of course, it’s the more expensive method. Since I have been researching methods for mounting for several months, I was not surprised to find out that itty bitty stitches were used to stitch the piece to the linen. Those stitches are not in just one section, but all over

Wall Gallery


Wall Gallery

new warp

It has been busy around here. As usual at this time of year, the weeds are trying to take over, like some kind of horror film. I did cut off the small, multicolored piece, but no finishing yet. Instead, I tied on the warp and started weaving again. That’s what we always really want to do, right. To heck with all those have-tos, need-tos.

I also made a trip to Dallas to visit Wall Gallery. They kept four pieces, and have a plan to frame them in a completely different way. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!