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Store-actual Seems that it’s almost impossible to get focused right now. I think part of the problem is that I’m trying to find a direction that I want to take next. Maybe some really small things? I may attempt that, but it means finally getting the small loom set up. One glance in that direction, and I walk off, although it would be really good to do, if only because it has a raddle. I’ve never used one before.

Painted in Waterlogue In the meantime…it’s winter again. My new-found embrace-the-weather attitude is being tested. So what do you do on a cold winter day? I played with apps. One it called Waterlogue. You can take one of your photos and the app will turn it into a “watercolor.” Flowers-actual Flowers










I also was the program for a really nice group of garden club ladies. They asked me to do a program on natural dyeing, since, after all, they are gardeners. I got out the projector to make sure everything worked, when I discover that I have no way to connect the projector to my current compute



r! Yikes! I got changed for a trip to town, when I thought about my accordion folder for all things computer, including printer info, etc. Now I’m not usually so organized, but this time I was. In one of the pockets were several wrapped items, and lucky day! One was a dongle. Rescued!

More about focus later. One day it’s there, next day it’s gone.