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Kilim, 18th–19th century. Turkey, Anatolia. Wool; slit tapestry weave, 335.3 x 180.3 cm (132 x 71 in.). The Caroline and H. McCoy Jones Collection. Gift of Caroline McCoy-Jones.

The above picture came from ArtDaily. I love the colors. It’s too late in my life to achieve the expertise to analyze something like this, but wouldn’t it be fun to examine the weave structure, the yarns used, even the dyes? If you follow the link, there is another picture of a kilim. I also found this information:

The term kilim is not a technical term in that it defines a particular woven structure. It appears to have originated in the Near East as a general designation for flat-weaves—textiles without pile. In the past decade the term kilims has been used almost exclusively to denote textiles in slit-tapestry weave.

For the next couple of days, I’m going to be knocking some things off my to-do list. That, and building a new social life are time-consuming. One of the items on the list is getting pictures of the guild show posted. Here’s a little sample of one piece done by Ann Schrader, woven using the Theo Morman technique. I hope to have all the photos up on our Facebook page and our website soon.



One of the items on the to-do list is a new computer, but I am having a tough time making a decision about which one. In fact, all decisions are tough for me right now. That includes things like painting the living room, etc. And when one is incapable of making a decision, well, nothing gets done! If anyone has a recommendation on computers, I’m all ears! My current one is a Dell, and I’ve been happy with it, although others have been really dissatisfied with Dell.

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