The Case of the Torrid Tapestry

While working on the never-ending fish, I watched an old episode of Perry Mason. Imagine! I heard the word tapestry, and boy, did my ears perk up! The link will reveal the synopsis.


I use two ends while weaving, so an additional goal is to lay those yarn pairs in parallel to each other. I’d like to see if it actually makes a difference in the way the tapestry looks. I already know it slows down the process for me.  The weaving went really well today, at last.


I experimented with printing labels on fabric last night. It worked pretty well, except that the fabric is too thin. If I use the labels, I will have to put an extra piece of muslin behind the printed label. I used Word and printed out a whole page of different labels.

Joann’s has the labels in two locations. In the t-shirt department they have rolls of cotton twill and poplin, and silk habotai.  In the quilting notions, they have sheets of that are in a container just like the labels in an office supply store. The labels I printed will need to be cut up and hemmed before using. I planned on a 3.5” x 4” finished size.


I think I’ve finalized the next ikat design, stretched it out for a cartoon, and will have it ready for enlargement at Kinko’s. I may want to look at it with fresh eyes for a couple of days before doing the enlargement, just in case familiarity does not breed fondness. Have to buy a gift for a baby shower also. That’s #1 on the priority list. Shower is Saturday. Yikes!

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