The Last Photo

This is the last of my Great Photo Experiments. I wove the one on the left with a bunch of yarns I had around during the winter, hence the title. I had previously woven a bright, cheerful little number that I called Summer Stripe. Not very creative with titles, but it serves the purpose.

Winter StWinter_Striperipe Summer Stripe Summer Stripe

What I found today on my camera is a red-eye function that flashes then takes the picture. I think that may be the best option for me here at home without benefit of umbrella lights and the knowledge to use them. My photographer sometimes puts a white board at right angles to the piece to get reflective light. His name is David Wharton with a studio in Fort Worth, Texas. He has taken many pictures of work in the local museums. Here’s a link to one of his photos. Scroll down to the ladder picture. By the way, if you didn’t know it, we have great art museums here in Fort Worth. There’s the Kimbell, Amon Carter, and the Modern.

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