Morphed and things I’ve learned about wedge weave



You can see from the pictures above that this piece has changed. I don’t usually change mid stream, but I couldn’t continue to weave all those various colors. Stressful! So hard to decide on the next color! 😉

Wedge weave is also known as pulled warp, according to Peter Collingwood. I have his rugweaving book, but wanted just the few pages on wedge weaving to carry to the loom with me. So voila! Since he allowed his books on rugweaving to be placed in the archive at the University of Arizona, I didn’t have to try and fit that huge book on the scanner. Links for download can be found here. I prefer the term wedge weave because I think of pulled warp as a whole ‘nother critter altogether, like here, here, and here.

  • Somehow the back and forth of the triangles confused me, and I added to that confusion by trying to vary the width of my shapes. Actually, they are probably parallelograms and not triangles. I am directionally challenged—see below
  • Slant up towards the left when starting on the left, slant up to the right when starting on the right
  • This technique really does pull the warp at the selvedge, and it’s hard to beat in for about an inch or so there. A generous bubble of weft helps.
  • Obviously, due to the nature of the technique (pulled warp), a hand beater is necessary—something I hadn’t considered when starting this project.

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