Those catchy colors again

This caught my attention today in ArtDaily. How could it not? Of course the yellow ribbon dominates, but then the eye travels to the small red section in the bodice. Below is the quote from the article. Again, I want to go to Philadelphia. Seems there are many other exhibits to explore besides this one.

This fall, the Philadelphia Museum of Art presents an overview of Ronaldus Shamask’s unique multi-disciplinary approach to fashion, honed over a 35-year career. Ronaldus Shamask: Form, Fashion, Reflection explores the evolution of the designer’s creative process and includes clothing as well as life-sized “architectural” fashion drawings, dance costume sketches, and video clips of fashion shows and dance performances.
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Also on view, I think all the time, are the Constantine Tapestries. These are so large and so old, I don’t think they move them often. I saw them there several years ago.

And then there’s this. I was so taken in with the shape and color of this piece that I didn’t notice its handle and purpose. This is from an exhibit at Browse and Darby featuring the work of Nicholas Rena. Evidently the pieces were commissioned by the gallery. All I can say is Wow! I would love to have one of these. By the way, the above piece also comes in other interior colors. I’m glad, since pink is not my favorite. Take a look at the other pieces and enjoy colors and the contrasts.

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