Time and ideas


Blues Interrupted

34.5 x 71 inches

Well, it’s happened again. Real life and the ideas popping around in my head are in conflict. Guess the good thing about that is that there ARE ideas. My dining room has been turned into a new office space to take care of temporary business matters, which I really don’t care, except that’s where I put the warping mill for warping the little loom. It’s also where I do the finish work on pieces once they come off the loom. And I am going to have to warp that little loom for some experiments that I want to do. A solution will come to me…

And then there’s the show that’s coming up. I am the most disorganized that I have ever been when participating in an event. But it’s not like nothing else is going on. Oh, and by the way, a local TV station is coming out to film in the studio Wednesday. What’s up? I clicked my heels together, wiggled my nose, and the studio still needs to be swept of all its lint and wandering threads.

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