MLH's towels

The Fort Worth Weavers Guild show is hanging, as mentioned before. Several items caught my immediate attention, but alas, they already had red dots and were sold. These towels were already sold, but there were more at home. Yippee! These and the next two pictures Towels2

show towels woven by Margaret Humphries.  Towels

Both sets of towels are part of her drink series, as in Tequila Sunrise series and Margarita series.

I love handwoven towels and use them daily, but I also buy them for gifts. Those of us who use them, like to think and acknowledge the weaver each time we use them. It’s nice to have Margaret in the kitchen with me–and many other weaver friends.

Below are three towels that I picked up at the guild sale. Towels3

This picture really does not do them justice, because the weave structure is not very visible. Click on the picture to really see how beautiful they are. These towels were woven by friends Lynn Smetko and Nancy Berger. As for Margaret’s towels–I bought the ones on the right in each picture. And they’re gorgeous! Just like the others.

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