Trapezoidal Cube?

It seems that I am weaving a trapezoidal cube, which I’m sure is not possible, but we’ll see. Maybe I can call it a freeform cube. At any rate the above is my current experimentation with the Mirrix. The turquoise oval is made using 2 strands of Paternayan yarn. It is amazing to me how different yarns weave. The Paternayan yarn seems to have a mind of its own. Since this is the first time for using this yarn, I am not sure if there are different varieties of the brand or not. The small square is woven of some cotton that I found at Joann’s. I have also woven in some index card strips to the left of this trapezoid to hold the empty space for what is going above.

It will be time to advance the warp, so I am hoping that, finally, I have a correct warp in place. The picture on the right is the one that I’m working with now. Fingers crossed!

Our local arts organization sponsors various classes for artists, one of which is using Photoshop Elements. Elaine Taylor did an excellent job teaching the class, as always. It’s been a long time since I have looked at that program, but it’s a lot more robust than the original one that I tried out. My Photoshop program (the full version) is very old, and I’m sure that if I buy a new computer, it will need to be replaced. It is also very expensive, so Elements may be the way to go. The regular Photoshop also has way too many bells and whistles that I never use and don’t want to spend the time to understand.

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