Traveling and Getting Busy

Sunset on the Platte (Pahuk)

I just drove to Nebraska for a 3-day workshop with Mary Zicafoose. The workshop was great, and I will post more about it later. But now, I am committing to getting in 15 hours weaving time per week. Makes me want to retract that statement just putting it in black and white! I will really start on that goal next week, but for the rest of this week I am trying to get in what would be the required time based on the days left in this week. What with Main Street Arts Festival, and the drive to Nebraska, too many days go by without weaving. Going days w/o weaving means too many mistakes and too much unweaving. There are many things rolling around in my head as I weave, which will also probably be future blog posts. Of course, there other studio time commitments besides weaving (designing, business), and then there are the regular house, yard, friends, and family commitments, so we’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Traveling and Getting Busy

  1. Jennifer

    How long do you sit at a time to weave and do you have to do anything to beuild that kind of endurnace? I’m finding I have to get kitchen timer to keep from being sore!

  2. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Jennifer–Yes, I have to build endurance! Because I have locking treadles on my Cranbrook, I can weave standing up if I want. I use my timer to make sure my breaks aren’t too long. I sometimes watch a TV series DVD. Makes for perfect break-taking. And, like I said, this is a goal–not accomplished yet! But I am writing my times down just to see what I’m doing.


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