imageAs I write this, I am eagerly awaiting the promised cooler weather. Just look at those temperatures for the coming week. It has been so long since I have felt anything below 80 in the morning—well, gee, I just may have to kick up my heels! That is one reason we have a brand, spanking new record for heat this year. Our nighttime temperatures are just way too high.

2011_Show_Postcard2011_Show_Postcard_backIn other news: The biennial Fort Worth Weavers Guild show and sale is coming up. I am not actually taking anything to sell as it is just to much trouble to figure out how to display in that setting. I do have a couple of pieces hanging on the wall for the show, though. The show reception and sale coincides with Fall Gallery Night, so there is always a good crowd.

Weaving right along on the piece on the loom. At this point, there are about nine inches left of the design to weave. This is when I start really putting in the time to get finished—headin’ for the barn, you know. However, since I am weaving with colors that are not part of my usual palette, I’ve also got some doubts. Sometimes I take something off the loom and love it immediately. Other times I am totally ambivalent, and other time I totally dislike it. Some of those dislike times end up getting a more favorable review from me later. Those that don’t never see the light of day!

2 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Jan

    I have always been amazed that some of my least favorite pieces (indeed, the ones I am embarrassed to put my name on) are everyone else’s favorites!

    With lows in the 50’s I’d be tempted to go out and bask in the cool air at 4am! Enjoy!

  2. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Jan, I am enjoying the weather and trying to not worry about the fires. Right now it’s the coolest it’s been since last May.

    I’ve got a few of those never-to-see-the-light-of-day pieces. I think sometimes we end up not liking something because it doesn’t match that vision we had in our heads–at least for me that’s the case.


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