Using time wisely

SunsetThere was an article in the Wall Street Journal Monday morning that made me think about how I spend my time. The article is:

Employees, Measure Yourselves

Encouraging workers to keep track of what they’re doing can make them healthier and more productive

Admittedly, I have not read this complete article, but it did remind me of something I have been doing for several months. For those of you who have no trouble completing tasks on your to-do list, this will sound silly, but here goes anyway.

There is an online website called I done this, that keeps up with what you tell it you have done for the day. Just the simple act of writing down the things I have done throughout the day is freeing somehow. I am amazed with what I accomplish on most days. A dose of reality for me! My to-do list is usually too long to complete, and I do try to pare it down to the most essential, but often things get carried over to the next day. The way this site works, is that they send you an email every day at 6 PM. You respond with the list of what you did during the day. I have been scrupulously honest about my days. If I read and piddle, I say it. There have been a few days when I have responded with, “Not a damn thing.” But most days are filled with what needed to be done. Yay me!

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