Wall Street Journal

I love reading the WSJ! Never thought I’d hear myself say something like that! No, I don’t read all the business news and the financial reports, although some of those articles are very interesting too. What I really love are the “life” articles, which run the gamut from art to creativity to stupendously expensive houses to fashion. I like the WSJ so much that I may have to actually pay for a subscription when my free one runs out. There are two downsides, however. One is that I also ready my local paper for all the local news, so the WSJ means that my newspaper pile gets higher faster. The other downside is the time element. I’m not willing to give up the local news venue quite yet, so reading another paper adds to the time spent over coffee in the morning.

Fabrics for Noh costumes in the galleries at The Textile Museum.

On April 12, WSJ ran an article called Far Eastern Dream Weavers. It’s about an exhibit at the Textile Museum. There are great pictures on both sites of the fabrics and kimono. Check it out. Opportunity for a field trip—exhibit ends on August 12.

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