Warp cut off, new one in progress


I did it. Cut off the linen warp. I liked the heft it gave to finished pieces, but did not like working with it. I am warping an 12/6 Swedish cotton at 8 epi. That should let me do more of the designs I have in mind. We’ll see. Of course I’ve already made a huge mistake in the warping process. I only did 8 ends instead of the 16 ends necessary for a 2-inch section. Remediation is needed.

┬ęSherri Coffey-ZigZagI

ZigZag I, hand-dyed with natural dyes, wool yarns, tapestry, 51″ x 31″ Private collection ┬ęSherri Coffey

Looking through some old files and came across this piece. Still like it, but you have to look closely to see all the colors.

And, I came across this on Facebook. It’s from this Growing Bolder page with all kinds of cute pictures and sayings. Mostly I just ignore those things. I also liked Kim Bruce‘s photo share of the t-shirt-wearing lady. The shirt says “Old is the new black.” Twyla-Tharpe-quote

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