Weaving and derechos

OriginalI’m weaving a design that I’ve woven before, with a few modifications, lessons learned from the first time. I don’t know why this particular weaving is so satisfying to me, but it is. Maybe it’s because I love the colors, the design engages my brain, or maybe it’s just that I’m listening to a fairly interesting book as I weave. But I also have to admit that I wonder if I’m “cheating” by weaving something I’ve woven before. Guess it doesn’t matter at this point—I’m doing it! Weaving along at the rate of one inch an hour. At this rate, it will take me twelve 5-hour weaving stretches to finish. But that won’t happen; I can’t weave everyday. Life gets in the way.

I am also reading a book, which does cause problems occasionally. The two get intertwined in my head sometimes. The book is Northwest Angle by William Kent Krueger. One of the many reasons that I like to read, is that I learn things, even if it is “just fiction.” In this book, a major even happens–a storm called a derecho. I had never heard of a derecho, although I did recognize the Spanish word for right or straight (as in direction) or derechos, as in derechos humanos. It is the straight definition that lends its name to this storm. The winds are hurricane strength straight-line winds. The leading edge of the storm appears like an arc, as seen in the picture above, comes from the NOAA. More can also be read there. Evidently a huge derecho came out of Minnesota in July, 1999, causing much damage along the way, traveling all the way east to NY, out into the ocean and back to South Carolina. You can see more derecho pictures here and find more links to check out if interested.

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