Weaving goal-short term

imageIt’s Stock Show and Rodeo time here in Fort Worth. We’ve had this event since 1896. During this three week period, those of us who live here see an influx of horse trailers, many more cowboys in their Wranglers, many more shoppers in the stores, diners in the restaurants, and drinkers in the bars. One can occasionally see boots and spurs in the grocery store at any time of the year, but during stock show season and cutting horse events, those spurs are almost the norm. 


The crowded streets makes this a perfect time to weave, although our weather has been great the last few days. I’ve set for myself a pretty stringent weaving schedule for the next few weeks. I want to get two pieces woven, finished, and photographed in time for an entry on March 15. I’ve plotted out on my calendar what I can possibly do, weaving at my current rate of one inch per hour, that is if I don’t get sick and tired of sitting on that hard loom bench for hours at a time. This is when I wonder if a walking loom would be helpful. I’m still working with the organizer (and may be for the rest of my life!), but on those days I can work in the morning. I have to admit, if I can get those two pieces done in a timely manner, I will be pretty proud of myself! However, I am also not going to beat myself up if it doesn’t happen. There is real life out there, and one’s psyche does need other outlets.

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