When it rains ….

Zig Zag II (Private Collection)Zig Zag III

This is the way things are going for me right now-zigzag up and zigzag down. I did get some weaving done today before I started tackling all the multitude of lists I have going.

My mother fell last night, and luckily, only broke the lesser orbital bone below here eye and had to have stitches in her nose. I say luckily because it could have been much worse. She has a very colorful face. I could, but won’t publish her colors here—the one here is a stock photo. imageThey’re keeping her in the hospital for a few days to check out why she was dizzy and fell. She is so fortunate also, to have a doctor that still makes rounds, instead of the “hospitalist” that seems to be all the rage now. I am also grateful that I am not an only child. My sisters and I will take turns staying with her until she goes home.

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