Where does the time go?

Today I have been making the “blankies” for wrapping around my pieces and the sleeves for the cardboard tubes around which they are wrapped. Using muslin, hemming all around, twill tape for tying, making notes as I go, for this is the prototype for all future blankies. I steamed a hem on one of the fabric labels that I made previously. No running of ink! Yippee! Now I will stitch one of the labels on the blankie so that I will know what is wrapped inside. I’ve made the blankies before, and wondered about some way to label, but did not know about the fabric labels until Mary Zicafoose showed them to us in the workshop. G frequently asks me, “Is this the best use of your time?”, meaning am I better off weaving or … ? I have to admit that making these blankies is probably not the best use of my time. Maybe I can hire someone to do them. Hmmm…

Now it’s time to shower, do a couple of errands, go to the dentist (AGAIN!), and help my mother with computer stuff. Where does the time go?

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