Where’s a blue zebra when you need one?



The design

Here’s the drawing of what I’m working on, except that I decided to make all the solid blue stripes the same size. I had to do this because of the way I measured and wrapped the zebra stripes, based on another design entirely.



The Weaving

Here’s the piece being woven. Now I’m not so sure about those solid stripes, at least not sure about the color. In the drawing, they are a darker blue, but when I put those yarns and the zebra stripe together, they didn’t look good. I tried several other colors and decided to just go with the blue you see. If I really don’t like it when I take it off the loom, I’ll do some surface embellishment. What I am happy about is the zebra stripes themselves. They are really weaving up nicely. And easily. Of course, it took lots of sampling before the right warp width could be found. Then I was worried that after weaving all the bottom magenta portion, that those zebra parts wouldn’t fit. So, yippee! AND I am to the top of the design, ready for the next color block.


This turned out to be a horrible piece, which I can see from the drawing that it was destined to be. My only possible defense is that I really wanted to practice ikat.

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