Where’s that good camera when you need it?

TacoCabanaSacksI recently had my tires rotated, balanced, etc. Since I had had no lunch or breakfast, I walked over to Taco Cabana, where this stack of sacks caught my attention. I love the colors, but of course, I only had my phone camera with me. (I keep telling myself that I need to carry the good camera, but, well, it’s just so darn big and heavy!) The colors here on these sacks remind me of another recent experience. I was driving by the Container Store when I noticed their plastic hangers in the window, arranged according to color. I thought it was quite striking and again, wished for my camera. When I commented on what I saw as a great picture, my friend told me that now he understood why I feel no need for cable television. Guess that means that I’m easily entertained! That in turn reminded me of our trip to Belize last year. I quite frequently stopped to take pictures of things that nobody else was interested in. Gary would just shrug and say, “She’s an artist.”TreeRoots

I still think these pictures of tree roots and vines is interesting. And just look at the colors in the bark of this tree.TreeBark

And the shadows of the fronds in the sand are still wonderful in my book. Someday these pictures will coalesce into the weaving. And I may just go back to the Container Store with my “good camera.” What do you take pictures of?


2 thoughts on “Where’s that good camera when you need it?

  1. Camille

    Hi, Sherri. I love your pics, especially the tree roots and the vines.
    I take pictures of my dog Sam. Wish I could attach it here.

    Camille DeSalme


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