Wrapped ikat yarn

Whew! Finally all the ikat has been wrapped and tied for the next project. My hands are telling me that I should do a simpler design next time–and if this one turns out horrible, that will probably be the case. Dyeing comes next. Every time I finish one of these projects, I realize that I need to have a better idea of the weight of the yarn that’s going to be dyed. What I’ve decided for this yarn is to just dye according to the square foot amount on my drawing. I usually dye about 1/3 pound for every square foot of woven territory. And since this pile of yarn is going to get dyed black, if I over estimate, that’s good because I usually dye blacks at least a 2% solution.

Ritzi Jacobi

And I have no other news. Nothing! I am going to have houseguests for two weeks beginning Saturday. Yes, it’s time for the annual visit from the grandsons. I love doing this and realize that in a few years, they will be done with me. So, I can only build memories now, but, boy, will I be tired afterwards!

Atsuko Sasaki

Are you familiar with Fiber Art Now magazine? They post so many wonderful and interesting fiber pics on their Facebook page, like these two. More great fiber works here and here.

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