And the winner is … and grayscale again

253g The first ball of yarn on the new Nancy’s Knit Knack’s ball winder. I love it! No grinding of plastic gears. This skein was 253 g and wound on easily. You can also get a motor for the winder, which I had rejected because of my tangled hand-dyed skeins. I’ll try a few more skeins on this hard worker and possibly reconsider that decision.

The piece that I’m currently working on is made up of green and blue yarns. Below are small pictures of the work, first in color, then black and white. I think it’s interesting that the 4% blue square is still visible in black and white, but the 2% blue is not. Which only means that the value (or tone) of the two colors is very close to the same of is the same. I admit that, not being an art major, I don’t know a lot about this, but there are resources online. Here’s one that I thought was good.  There is a previous post about value and some tools to use, but I think Photoshop wins overall.


Two shades of blue, green background. 2% blue on right. Combination of 2% blue and 1% blue on left.


Two shades of blue, green background-black and white. The first section of blue disappears.










4% blue on green background


4% blue on green background-black and white



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