Work in Progress

Square_2By the time this is posted, the plan is to have the weaving of piece two, in the series of three, finished. I took a picture of the work in progress with an interesting result. Below the breast beam, where the current piece hangs out during the weaving, the first piece is also visible on the cloth beam. The third piece is still being tweaked in design and color choices. As aside, my new camera is wonderful! The most important criteria for me is color, and the pictures that I take with this camera do not seem to need any fiddly stuff done to get the color right. A true pleasure. Now, if I could just learn what all the buttons are for!

Recently while thumbing through an issue of Martha Stewart’s Living magazine (maybe October?), I noticed a photo of an apartment hallway lined with these prints of Albers’s paintings. Here is a photo of the apartment in progress and below the final result. They make quite a statement.


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