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Wooden Box Pencil Set of 120








For the last several days, I have been sitting, not at my loom, but at my design table, otherwise known as my dining room table. Sometimes I use my sketchbook to get the basic design, but it always goes to my graph paper next. Even though I don’t weave at 10 epi, I use that size graph paper, well it’s habit. And everything is drawn to scale and it works for me. Before getting a scanner, I used to color in that scale drawing with my Faber-Castell pencils, and then have to start all over again if I didn’t like the result. Now I scan my design and put several copies on one sheet. I love and hate my pencils. I love the colors and how smooth they go on. But I hate how the leads break so easily. A freshly sharpened pencil lead will break before it even sees the paper! But I still haven’t found another pencil I like better. Which brings up the point of this post. What a surprise! An article about Faber-Castell was in the Wall Street Journal last week. Below is a picture of Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell from that article. Another surprise! A count no less.

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