It Came to Me


It just came to me what this method is called, so naturally I Googled it and found the info. The text directions can be found here. This link will take you to a PDF of WeaveTech files at the University of Arizona. The Nyquist text can be found on page 73. I don’t have time to look more right now, but there’s lots of really good information there. The pictures are my own. As you can see, not much warp is wasted using this method. I can never get pictures to go where I want them, but it’s too time-consuming to figure out right now. In the compose mode, they’re side by side, but in preview, they’re one under the other.


I’m finally weaving for real. A border about 2 inches wide will be in pick and pick, something I don’t do often. The rest is tapestry, which I really enjoy. I like doing weft-faced ikat, but then want to do a tapestry piece afterward. I don’t usually use a cartoon, but I’m going to have to for the fish. Everything is always drawn to scale and then I just use my drawing for weaving usually. Drawing to scale lets me be sure that I can estimate how much yarn I’ll need, plus I get a feel visually for what the completed piece will look like.

Overhand knot in warp bout

Fold knotted end over warp bout

Divide warp bout with knot in half, slip finger through the division, pick up bout from underneath

Pull bottom portion of bout though divided warp bout–Lark’s head

Slip both ends of shoelace through Lark’s head loop

Pull tight on shoelace. Tighten shoelace to desired level

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