Hard to believe it’s already March 2, especially when you listen to and see the weather reports around the country. It’s cold here in Texas–I actually started a fire in the woodburning stove last night. This after it was 91 last Thursday! I’ve heard that bluebonnets have been spotted. I’m ready for spring, but that’s ridiculous.


This pick and pick is going slower than anticipated because I’ve had to figure out how to best handle the “selvedges.” They’re not really selvedges, but the pick and pick part joins a border so this is done with tapestry. Think I’ve finally got it worked out, but took me a while to get it so that I was satisfied with how it looked.

Other stuff

I decided to do something practically unheard of for me. Started preparing taxes last night. My first real fear was unfounded. For the last few years I have used Turbo Tax to prepare my taxes, but after The Great Computer Crash, I was afraid the previous year’s return wouldn’t be found. But it was, so all is well. I gathered other information, printed out reports, and tonight I will work on this again. Tax day is the same general time as the Main Street Arts Festival, so in the interest of being prepared (what’s that?), I got started early for me.

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