Weaving and …interruptions

The Day

I finally got to the good part today. Got the cartoon and marked the fish on the warp, working away diligently, and the damn phone rings–constantly! I had to answer ’cause these were important calls–the roofer, the roofer again, my insurance guy, the roofer, Gardener’s Supply about an order that I had placed, my hairdresser confirming my appointment today. I can go days without phone calls, but not today. But I did get the section started, and it’s going well. In fact, I’m kind of excited about this. Maybe a picture tomorrow.

So, then it was on to the hairdresser (she was running late) and the grocery store. I actually cooked dinner tonight, and it was pretty good. Then I made the phone calls. I only got to talk to one person, though. I’m trying to find “merchant processing”, that is taking credit cards for shows, which means I only need it 2-3 times per year. Taking credit cards can be really expensive. I’m hoping there will be better news on that front tomorrow when I hear back from my other calls.

Don’t read this if you’re sensitive

I found evidence of a mouse in the closet in my bathroom. It also happens to be the closet where I store my rugs. I found a trap (this is the part where it can be bad for sensitivity) and set it near the water heater. Two hours later I had a mouse. I don’t like doing this either, but I also don’t want to be overrun with mice. I have not had a mouse in the house in many years, so I’m wondering if an opening happened when I had the water heater replaced recently. The other issue is finding a place to store weavings. Guess I’d better look for a better spot, huh!


It has suddenly gotten warm here, and with spring, I always want to play in the dirt. I’m thinking I may plant my cucumbers on Friday. My order from Gardener’s Supply is a planter with a big water reservoir in the bottom. The water wicks up into the soil as needed. I will plant a tomato in that pot. Many years ago I had a huge garden every year. It may be time to do that again, though the former garden area has become overgrown with grass. That Bermuda grass is almost impossible to dig out. But peppers, basil, and parsley do pretty well in the flower beds.

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