Summer Exercise Program

I began my summer exercise program today, which consists of mowing at least once a week. Under normal conditions, it takes at least an hour to mow both front and back. One time I used a pedometer to count steps, or miles, but no longer remember the numbers.

imageFor some reason the henbit is having a glorious season this year. Now, henbit is kind of attractive when it’s out in a pasture, and it looks like a wave of lavender. But when I have to walk through a crop that’s 18 inches to get from one place to another—forget it! It holds moisture and I get wet.

Every year, I am always surprised when I come across this little patch of muscari hyacinths. I didn’t plant them. They have bloomed every year since this house was put here, and every year, I wonder where they came from. And, yes, I do know about birds!

imageSomething else that suddenly cropped up a few years ago is hairy vetch. This is a good plant in that it is a legume and enriches the soil. But it clings to everything, and I would be happy to let it go somewhere else.


Maybe you can tell from this post that yards with perfectly manicured lawns are not really important to me. In fact, I mostly think that they are a huge waste of resources. If I could, I’d plant a prairie of native grasses and wildflowers.

For another kind of plant harvest, go here. You can read about the willow harvest of Donna Kallner. Look at the sorting process here. Here is a portfolio of Donna’s work.

I will be weighing some skeins of yarn tonight while vegetating in front of the TV. I hope to mordant tomorrow and do some natural dyes. I have been inspired to do this again, after a long hiatus. There’s a big container of handspun and other “specialty” yarns that will be used for this project.

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