DFW Fiber Fest 2013

Overall So, how do you go to FiberFest and come home with a spinning wheel? You try it out and get hooked. Saturday my sister and I went to FiberFest DFW. She bought yarn
(we spent lots of time in the Madtosh booth–gorgeous yarns!) and I was feeling rather proud of myself for not buying any.The Madelaine Tosh yarns are wonderful! Creatively dyed, great fibers.

Then I tried out the Country Country-spinner Spinner. Even though this wheel is designed for bulky yarns, it worked just fine for finer yarns that I want to spin. And the bobbin holds over two pounds of yarn! spinning-wheel I bought the wheel from Gritty Knits, a vendor located near Houston. Since this wheel comes in a box, I am grateful that Natasha has been willing to answer questions. spinning-wheel-parts2

Aji-de-gallina On the way home from our outing, we stopped by a new place to both of us, a Peruvian restaurant called Ñusta’s Café. Because G and I used to like to try out new places, I would put possibilities in my Evernote file, making them handy when we were out and about. Mariscos The food was delicious! We’re going to go again to try other menu items.

Today I am sorting through colors of already dyed yarns so that I can make a list of what colors I need to dye for the next project. I also have to go back to Fedex because the enlargements they made for me are all the wrong size. It was written on each page what the size should be. That’s what I get for leaving them there instead of waiting for them. Such a waste of paper!

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