A bit of a confession

A small confession:

This is a confession. Not a big one, although I do feel a bit guilty–sometimes.

Part one:

I seldom go to check my mail in my post office box. When I do go, I quickly sort through whatever is there, trash part before I leave the building and put the rest on the car seat beside me.

Part Two:

The second part of this confession is that I seldom clean off that seat, unless forced into it by circumstances. The second part of the confession is really what nags at me a bit. Just a bit.

UCC Paraments

UCC Paraments

Yesterday I was taking the car in for inspection and a good vacuuming and wash, so I cleaned off the seat, putting everything in a plastic bag to trash. I was surprised to see what looked like a handwritten envelope, but we get all kinds of advertisements that look like that nowadays. They are really computer generated, so I looked more closely at this one. Turns out it was real, and I found the most delightful surprise inside! A card with my picture and one of the paraments on the front and inside were many signature and a thank you.

And finally, the moral:

The moral of the story is, of course, twofold: check my mail more often and clean out the car more often. Not that I’ll pay attention to the moral.

The best part:

My car is inspected and found fit for the road. It is washed and shiny clean. The license tags are just waiting for me to show proof of insurance, the inspection proof, and money. The money part seems to grow in size each year (this is not part of the best, just a fact of life).

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