NOT sleep and spice dinner

Right now, tired is my middle name. Actually, that’s not quite accurate–it’s no-energy. My energy has lagged for weeks not, not the usual day here and there. My low thyroid is fixed and is now back to normal. In order to cover all the bases, my doctor also ordered a urinalysis and a sleep study, just in case.



This is what was NOT happening

Let me tell you, “sleep study” is a misnomer. Sleeping does not happen during that long night. I slept for three hours maybe but won’t know for sure until the report is submitted. The technicians placed sensors all over my body, in my nose, in my mouth and in my hair. The ones in my hair were different than the rest, but didn’t realize until the next day that the technician used wax to adjoin them to my scalp. Huge globs of wax! The technician told me to use the hottest water I could stand to get them out.

After the study ended at 5 AM (yes, 5 AM!), and I drove home, had coffee, and read the newspaper. Then I washed my hair. Afterwards, realized another glob remained. Back to the water faucet. I ended up washing my hair three times. All that remained was going to the grocery store (spice dinner on Sunday), and trying to stay awake.

Finally, at 9:00 PM, I decided that it was safe to go to bed. Sleep, glorious sleep! It was wonderful!

Green beans and shitake broccoli noodles

Green beans and shitake broccoli noodles

Spice dinner

Our latest spice dinner was Sichuan–really good. Even though my sisters, mother, brothers-in-law, and I always enjoy the company, we don’t always enjoy the food from these dinners. For this dinner, we had green beans (because green beans just say Chinese, right?), pork tenderloin, and shitake broccoli noodles. Isn’t it funny that Chinese food seems “normal” to most of us?


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