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Thunder and Lightning (Private Collection) Thunder and Lightning, tapestry, wool,

We had thunderstorms last night. Very noisy thunderstorms. Really, really thunderous storms. It was a wakeful night. Then I woke up again at 4:30. That’s AM. Since the alarm was set for 5:30, that essentially meant no more sleep. Got up at 5, had coffee, got dressed and made a trip to the airport. Then met a friend for even more coffee and a very nice visit. On to errands, appointment, haircut, and grocery store.  It’s been a very long day of no weaving. Will go to bed early and make tomorrow a weaving day. But hey, my hair looks good!

image I read a review of this book today. This comes from Amazon. When I did a search for information, the video from YouTube came up also. Interesting designs. I’m wondering how they would translate to ikat.

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