Belated Post

Written May 13

This was written before my visits to the Beamis Center and the Old Market, which I are mentioned in previous posts.

Clocks and Calendars

Okay, this takes the cake! I know I’m challenged when it comes to clocks and calendars, but this is a first even for me. I’m taking an ikat workshop with Mary Zicafoose in Nebraska and decided to drive, as I enjoy driving by myself and don’t enjoy flying much any more. From where I live, the drive is about 686 miles, so I planned on a two-day drive, spending one night in Wichita, Kansas. Well, guess what? I arrived a day early for the workshop! So, now I have a day in Omaha before the workshop. When I realized what I had done, I was really upset with myself. Not only am I paying for an extra, unnecessary day in a hotel, but I could have driven to Lawrence and gone to the Yarn Barn with this time. So, I’m taking deep breaths and checking on some art kinds of things here in Omaha for tomorrow. Definitely don’t have to plan on getting up early!

PS Except for the extra expense, I enjoyed my stay in Omaha. I would not have been able to see what a nice city it is otherwise. There’s a great park/walking area along the Platte in addition to the other sections that have been mentioned.

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