A Day Off

I shouldn’t have, but I took the day off. Now I will be playing catch-up all next week. Can’t seem to get enough sleep…


I have been getting pictures ready for a disk to send to my fellow ikat-ers. I really didn’t take many pictures, but this is one of a wonderful old file drawer system that was being thrown out. It’s in a store called Souq (no, I don’t know how it’s pronounced). I asked about the cabinet and was told that the owner of the store rescued it from the street, all she had to do was pay someone to haul it for her. The store is in the Old Market section of Omaha, a wonderful old redbrick warehouse district with brick streets. Souq has all kinds of imports, cute tie-dyed shirts, embroidered shawls, really cute straw hats, etc. Reminds me of the hippie days.

Tomorrow 2 1/2 hours weaving, stuff around the house and maybe a movie in the afternoon.

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