Long Weekend

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Wall of phone books—the white pages. The second picture is a close-up.

Below is a phone booth made of yellow pages bricks.

Yellow_pages_kiosk These pictures are from the Beamis Center in Omaha. The installation is by Matthew Dehaemer. You can read about it here. There is a bird’s eye view of the whole installation.  Small phone centers are set up where students are calling everyone in the Omaha phone book with the quote of the day.

This is the same center where Mary Zicafoose completed a residency in 2008. You can read about that here by scrolling towards the bottom of the page. There is also a podcast interview.


Yesterday I did my two hours weaving which is somewhat frustrating at this point because I’m having a hard time keeping up with where I am in the design. Got the huge cartoon out and re-marked everything, hopefully in the right places.

I also did some design work, which involved much math. If I want a spiral to be a certain size after ikat wrapping and weaving, how much do I stretch out the spiral? And, in addition, I’m going to take it to Kinko’s to be enlarged, the dimensions have to work for both width and length. Think I finally got it worked out, but will let it “soak” for a while before making the plunge at Kinko’s.

We went to see Star Trek in the afternoon. I had heard it was a good movie, but knew going in that space movies are not my favorite. I was squirming in my seat and looking at my watch frequently. And the theater was COLD!

Today I will call the dentist about an appointment for the broken tooth. Fun stuff!

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