A Day Without Weaving …


Another installation from the Beamis. These are large cardboard cones…interesting. Same links as Tuesday’s post.


Just as I was starting to weave this morning, the dentist office called and said they’d had a cancellation. So, of course, I showered and went to the dentist. Not a fun experience. Had someone’s hands in my mouth for about an hour. I already knew it, but not it’s confirmed—I will need a crown on this tooth. And more bad news. The tooth beside the broken one has a crack. I never had a cavity until after my first child was born. What’s up with that?

And since I was already out and had spent over an hour at the dentist office, I had a long overdue visit with my parents and a late lunch with a friend. Then on to the grocery store. I really need to spend some quality time with this fish on the loom!

Tomorrow I will be getting up early, having my coffee, and head to the studio. In the afternoon I will help a new weaver that I am mentoring with setting up her first floor loom. Actually she already has it up, we’re just going to work on tie-ups and fine-tuning the loom. We will be going through all the spinning wheels and other equipment that I mentioned in a previous post.

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