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A purchase from Convergence 2010. I’m looking forward to hanging this soon. The link for purchase is below in the blurb.image

Handwoven’s wall calendar for 2011 (12” x 12” pages) will enrich your weaving year. Glorious photos of selected Handwoven projects will inspire you each month. Important weaving dates are noted for you, such as regional conferences and sheep and wool shows. You’ll also find interesting tidbits from weaving history—everything you need to make 2011 your year to weave!

Yesterday started early and not very auspiciously. Every night before I go to bed, I prepare the coffee for the next morning. The coffee maker is set on a timer to come on early each morning. Coffee for me is espresso with a cup of skim milk, so I guess that makes it café con leche, right? Thursday started early because of the planned errands and doctors’ appointments. So, what greets me upon walking into the kitchen? My espresso all over the countertops and floor! I had forgotten to put the cup on the coffee maker to catch the coffee! Not a good way to start the day. I had also forgotten to do the laundry the day before, so the washer had to be started quickly—I really did not want to have to dress in damp clothes for the day.

The long day was topped off with an interesting program at the Amon Carter Museum about Leon Polk Smith and lithography. An overview of Smith was presented, followed by a program about the lithography process in the auditorium. The focus was on the Tamarind Institute, which is now in Albuquerque. It was really quite interesting, and as usual, I want to know more! Below is a video of the process. And as usual, I came home quite inspired and ready to do some designing.

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Lithography process

When the day requires sitting in waiting rooms, I always take my “toys”, which includes the current read, my sketchbook, and a pencil. I now have my next piece planned using the yarns from the current project—hope there’s enough! There’s enough warp (estimated) still on the loom to do a piece the size of the current one and one more small piece. Then it will be time to warp again. And in anticipation of that, I already have the warp purchased and have received a new counter for the warping wheel from AVL. Now, if I can just remember how to re-attach the counter to wherever it goes!

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