Doo wah diddlies and how do you know you’re finished?

Mr_FishOr however one might spell it… In my effort to end the siege of the doo wah diddlies, I visited with a friend today, looking at her new artwork. It’s absolutely marvelous, by the way. She asked me if a couple of her pieces were “finished.” I voted for yes. Which leads me to the question: When designing, how do you know when something is finished? In this age of digital cameras and computers, that becomes easier. Pat’s solution was to carefully place the things she was considering and take a picture with her iPhone. You could do the same with your computer. Scan the design or take a picture of it, and play around with the design on the computer. I recently read an article (which no longer seems to be online) about Rachel Brown and her weaving process. She needs a huge palette of yarn as she weaves because her designs evolve in a very painterly fashion. I’ve heard that she used to take pictures with her Polaroid camera of the sections of a weaving before it passed on the the cloth beam and out of sight. Think about how a digital camera improves that process! So, back to the question: How do you know you’re finished? Any special tricks out there?

In the weaving world—now that I’m only a few inches away from finishing the gradations piece—in my head I’ve been designing, using most of the same current colors, but in a different way. Time to get that down on paper, I believe. And I think I’ll go out and measure the hanging, unused warp to see how big a new piece can be, after the current piece is finished.

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