A few things that caught my eye

Weingart Center uses art to help break the cycle of homelessness on Skid Row
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I think it’s time I made a little trip to the museums for some inspiration. What I would really like is to take a small vacation, but when I start thinking like that, it really means I just want to run away.

In the meantime, here’re a few things I’ve taken note of. Oh, and by the way, I cut the latest piece off the loom. Still thinking about what’s next.

A protest movement works. The cynical side of me says maybe.


Magnificent, mysterious designs in American Folk Art revealed in African iconography
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Santa Fe Folk Art Festival is soon. I would love to go, but for me Santa Fe is always crowded. Can you imagine what a festival would be like?

Shawls made by Afghan women who sell their intricate, traditional embroidery through the Kandahar Treasure cooperative as a way to fight poverty. The shawls will be among the wares from around the world for sale at this year’s art market July 13-15 in Santa Fe, N.M. AP Photo/Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, Bob Smith.
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