Cerise and fuchsia







Funny—I had a discussion today with my hairdresser about cerise and fuchsia. Should I mention that she’s from England? Anyway, I had to look it up. After all, they are colors! When I see that purple-y pinky color, I think fuchsia, but after briefly reading a couple of things, I not sure there’s much difference between the two. What about you? Or maybe I just had the two mixed up. According two the above images from Wikipedia here and here, cerise is what I consider to be fuchsia. Does this Happy Chair have fuchsia or cerise?


Happy Chair

And how do you pronounce cerise, which by the way, comes from the French, meaning cherry? My very British hairdresser says sherise. And just in case this subject has not been beaten to death, here are some pages to see images.

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