A Fortune in Lighting


Today I went to Lowe’s and bought track lighting to use in my booth. Decisions, decisions! And expensive! I hope this is going to work. The plan is hang them from the beams of the canopy. Then there is the decision on bulbs. I went with full-spectrum halogen bulbs. It was a choice of that or what they call “daylight.” Also bought an extension cord, power strips, cable ties, and of course, the track for the lights.

I will finish the last few inches of the needle weaving before dinner. Tomorrow is the day for lashing the stainless steel rods onto the pieces, which means another Hitchcock movie. Not sure this next one will be good for watching while doing this task—I checked out Vertigo from the library. If it requires looking up too much, I’ll get the iPod out and listen to WeaveCast podcasts. I could listen to books as Jennifer suggests, but I’m not sure I have the attention span to actually finish one right now. Podcasts are just the right length for my current gnat-mind capabilities.

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