Major Mistake

I should never be allowed around anything to do with math. I drew my booth out on graph paper to plan where to hang pieces. Duh! I drew sides with 10 feet in length, when I only have 4 2-foot panels for each side. Today I decided to place pictures side by side on the computer for the plan, and I realized my mistake. I can fix one side by using a panel that is 8 feet high with the other 6 foot high panels. But the other side? Still under consideration.

Got the Yellow Mounds piece ready except for the actual stitching of the hem. The hanging rod will then just go through the hem. Picture later … have to go buy the last minute items needed.

It’s a beautiful day here today. Finally, no winds, and it has warmed up after a freeze last night. Uncovered the tomatoes. Haven’t checked on the cucumbers and squashes yet.

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