A Great Day


We went to the MOLA today, Fort Worth’s new Museum of Living Art, otherwise know as a herpetarium. It’s a really great space with exhibits that are very well done. The boys asked what were my favorite animals, and I have to admit that the Komodo Dragon 


and leaf frog  were my favorites. When the leaf frog is among dead leaves it is very hard to find.


It was challenging to find many of the camouflaged animals in their habitat settings. While we were there, one of the workers had a Woma python 


out for the guests to touch. She said that a different animal would be displayed in this way about every hour or two.

After a lunch at home and a “quiet” time, we went to see the new Karate Kid.


I loved this movie! I was not expecting to enjoy it, especially since it is 2 1/2 hours long. I generally think anything more than 1 1/2 hour is too long, but this one moved fast and was interesting because the setting is in China. It has several good lessons embedded in the plot, of course, just as the old Karate Kid did. I had to do a little research on the origins of karate, kung fu, and tae kwon do, since this movie is really about kung fu. So, educational purposes, karate is from Okinawa, kung fu is Chinese, and tae kwon do is from Korea.

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